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To: Everybody Looking For Financial Freedom
From: Steve Horvath
Re: Rewarding Career Opportunity

Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a couple questions... and be honest when you answer them.

If you went through this list of questions and answered "yes" to one or more of them... you need to pay very careful attention to every word in this letter because...

This May Be The Most Important Message You'll Ever Read.


You see, I’m guessing that you are struggling to find the right career opportunity that can give you both the time and money necessary to enjoy your life the way you would like to.  I’m also guessing, that you or someone close to you is struggling in this economy, which is increasing your stress and in turn forcing you to work even harder.

Just imagine what things would be like for you if...

You found a business opportunity that actually thrived regardless of economic uncertainty.

What if you were able to help people save money every month and in turn get paid to do this?

What would you give to enjoy your job and know that you were financially securing your future at the same time?

What would it be worth to know that you had the time necessary to spend with your family?... to be able to volunteer more of your time?... to be able to help your family or friends who are also struggling with life challenges?

What would you give to have people call you and say: "Hey, can I do what you're doing?"

Would that reduce some of your stress?  Wouldn't that help you feel like you were doing something worthwhile with your time?

You bet it would. And all it takes is being in the right place at the right time and taking advantage of the right opportunity!

You see, I too have spent many years in this endless loop of struggle and work, trying to make more money, but also sacrificing time with my family to do so.  Let me share with you a little bit more about myself and what happened to me as I embraced this opportunity.

Steven Horvath Energy Consultant

Hi, my name is Steve Horvath.  I have started several of my own businesses, and I have been involved with a lot of different opportunities.  I have been a Fortune-100 executive, and have led large organizations.  Today, I am also the founder and principal of my own successful consulting firm.


Yet, I have personally found that being busy and full of ideas, doesn’t always translate to extra money.  I have always worked hard, and in the past, I have sacrificed a lot. 


I am always looking for new opportunities, and over the years, I have gained a lot of experience by trying many new things.  Yes, I have been successful, but not as successful as I would like.


In the past, I often have had to commute to work via airplane.  This means that I just didn’t have the time to spend with my family.  Also, when I was home, I was often tired and distracted. 


Like everybody else, the recent troubling economy made it even harder to make money, requiring me to spend even more time working.


You see, I too was caught in this endless trap of working harder, but not necessarily smarter.  It took a lot of research and time to realize how powerful this opportunity is that I am about to share with you.  If somebody was able to share something like this with me many years ago, I would have saved myself from going down a lot of rabbit trails.  However, this has only recently been created!


I have conducted a lot of research realize that this is simply the most amazing opportunity that I have ever seen.  I am wholeheartedly embracing what I am about to share with you, because it is the right window of opportunity.


In my career, I have learned that there are three things that create a tremendous window of opportunity:

I am here to present the facts and let you make your own conclusion!  I am excited about this, and my purpose with this letter is to simply help you understand how you too can benefit!




The product is Energy – Electricity and Natural Gas:


The Question to Ask Yourself: “Who do you know that uses energy and pays their electricity and natural gas bills each month?”  What if you could help them save money on their monthly bills, or even get free energy each month?”


This Opportunity Is Created By Energy Deregulation!

If you are like most people, then you are asking yourself, “What is Energy Deregulation?” 


To simply explain it, energy deregulation allows us (as consumers) to choose who we want to supply electricity and natural gas to our local distributor.  This means that everything is delivered in exactly the same way by our local distributor (the same as it always has been), but we can now choose who our local distributor gets their energy from.


This means that we can choose to lower our monthly energy rates without any change to our local service whatsoever.  There is no risk and nothing changes with the energy that we continue to use every day.


The following news segment explains it - Absolutely Must See...


Energy Deregulation is Happening Today!


This means that this is the GROUND-FLOOR of Energy Deregulation.  It has just started happening, and this means tremendous opportunity for us!


This is happening because the long-time monopolies that the incumbent energy providers have enjoyed to date are being broken up and competition is being introduced.  They never had any competition, and have grown fat and lazy. This means that new competitors are able to offer much more competitive products at a lower cost to consumers.  This means that we can now save money on our monthly energy bills, AND without any risk at all!


This is the same thing that happened to the phone companies in the 1980’s when they were deregulated.  Many people were able to get involved in the deregulation of long distance phone service and take advantage of the enormous wealth creation that ensued. 


The key is that this time WE Get To Participate In The Wealth That Is Being Created Through Energy Deregulation!  AND ENERGY IS A HUGE MARKET!


The following video is a quick educational tutorial that will explain what energy deregulation is.  It will give you insight into how it works.






What if you could provide a way for people to save money on their energy bills every month, or even get them free energy for their homes?


Who do you know that would be interested in saving money?


If you could save people money on their monthly bills, without any risk whatsoever, how many people in your neighborhood would be interested?  How about your family and friends?


If you were the first to market this new opportunity, do you think that this could generate significant income for you?”


Remember, energy deregulation is just beginning.  This is the ground floor of this new opportunity.  As 3 states expand to 19 states, and as 19 states expand to 50 states, this means amazing income potential for those that get involved now!


“In the past 20 years of my successful consulting and entrepreneurial endeavors, I have never seen an opportunity as exciting and potentially lucrative as energy deregulation.  Energy will only be deregulated once in our lifetime.  I know that it sounds like a cliché, but this truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I do not want to pass me by.”



Let me share with you why I am doing this.  To be direct, I am focused on being financially independent!  Let me explain further…


I am NOT here selling a “get rich quick” activity and talking about short-cuts to creating wealth.  Rather, I am so convicted by this, because for the first time in my life, this opportunity realistically represents my ability to achieve financial freedom!


I am focused on simply making enough money every month to cover all of my bills.  This is my “Financial Freedom Number”.  This means that I can have the time and flexibility to do what is important in life!


Again, ask yourself who do you know that uses energy?  Remember, nothing changes at all with the energy that is consumed.  How many people that you know do you think would be interested in saving money each month on the same bills that they are already paying?


This opportunity is so amazing because:




One thing that I have shared about me is that I have tried a lot of ventures in my life.  It is because of these ventures that I have gained a lot of experience.


However, in my entire career, I can attest that there is no other career opportunity that offers as much potential as this one does!  This is simply the most amazing opportunity that I have ever been a part of!



There are a lot of opportunities out there competing for your attention and focus.  But, This opportunity is different from many others that are available because of several key reasons:




Energy deregulation will happen only ONE TIME in our lifetime, and that time is RIGHT NOW.  You too can be a part of this $474 Billion annual market opportunity.



Bottom line, this is the most exciting opportunity I have ever seen.  I am on my way to making my family financially secure, and I want to help you get there as well…


I am simply asking you to take the next 15 seconds and CONTACT ME using the link below, because this may change your life forever!




Contact me and let me know that you are interested, and I will send you some detailed information that will explain more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


There is no risk at all – Go ahead and contact me to learn more!  And if this has created any interest at all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


A friend of mine once said, “It is not just about what you know.  It is about what you do with what you know.” 


Now that you know about energy deregulation, it is important that you take the next step and contact me, because this may just be that miracle that comes into your life!


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